With an intuitive Polling solution, you can create, customize and launch a poll in a few seconds. This is a very fast way to find out how your audience is thinking. You don’t need special hardware of software all the work has been done for you.

The results are displayed real time on our dashboard. Should you need bespoke analytics, our team are ready to customize your dashboard. To incentivize the audience to participate in the poll, we have a bulk airtime solution that rewards them immediately they finish the poll survey.

Some use cases are:

  • School or market research. Gets instant feedback for your research paper or community survey using our polling solution.
  • Political polling: Politicians can use the instant polling solution to test their popularity.
  • Event promoters: Let users choose songs for the DJ to play.
  • Public speakers: Gauge attendance opinion. Encourage audience participation. Evaluate effectiveness of a training program.
  • Corporations: Poll audience during your annual general meeting. Instant feedback from customers during launches etc.
  • Radio station: Poll the best song or musicians during a radio show.
  • Schools: Elect school governments. Keep the audience engaged through participation.