Loyalty Points: Buying from us enables you to acquire loyalty points. These points can be exchanged with discounts or exciting offers from our partners which include shopping vouchers, insurance and many more!

Dedicated Support : With Musren, the customer is truly king! You are entitled to dedicated support from our able engineering team and lots of insights on increasing customer engagement.

Competitive Prices : We make sure our customers get the best possible prices in the market, without compromising on quality of our systems and support. With us, cheap is not expensive!

Always available: Our team and system is available anytime so long as you are online anywhere on the globe.

Multiple users: The system allows you to create multiple users across your institution for redundancy purposes.

Multiple Messaging Platforms: We not only offer SMS services but also USSD.

Message scheduling: The system allows you to schedule you messages for delivery on a later date/time.

Mail merge: Mail merge lets you personalize all sent messages by inserting a salutation and the person’s first name at the beginning of the message e.g Dear James, Dear David etc.

SMS Branding: To mask your sender number with your name.

Customization: Our service is bespoke to your needs regardless of the size and needs of your organization.

SMS Integration: We offer free SMS integration service to your system at no cost.